FHGS Daily Announcements

We're getting ready to start the month of November and have been thankful for a beautiful fall. Speaking of thanks, we want to thank all our students and parents for helping us with our first two hour delay. We did send home a notice last year that the district was implementing a two hour delay protocol in hopes of fewer days to make up at the end of the year. We will be updating that protocol and getting it home to parents. 
Another reminder, we ask that students not bring bags of Halloween candy to school. Our rule of thumb has been that students with parent permission can have one small piece after their lunch. We have found that too much candy is just not a good match for learning. Our thanks for your support. 
We are currently between seasons for sports. However, scrabble and other activities are still happening weekly. The Boys and Girls Club after school program continues to grow. If you are in need of child care after school, contact them or us and we can help you get connected. 
We are looking forward to another busy and productive month!