FHGS Daily Announcements

We journey into April waiting for the warmer temperatures and spring like weather for all our outdoor activities. So far, it's still been a bit chilly but spring sports are underway. Drama is also starting under the direction of Mrs. Cynthia Hutchins. They will be looking to do a performance in late May. This time of year is also Assessment season. A variety of Assessments including Vermont's SBAC will be given over the course of the weeks ahead. 
Fair Haven Grade School Front Porch Forum is a new opportunity to stay connected with what is happening at school. The Front Porch Forum will provide an opportunity for parents and community to hear about our new adventures as well as current programs. The first Forum will be Wednesday, April 11th at 6:00 in the Learning Center along with our PTO. A flyer is being sent home with a description, more detail and an agenda. 
The following are long range dates that have been confirmed. The 8th Grade Graduation is June 21st, at 7:00. The last student day is June 22nd. Please check our website and calendar of events for the multitude of activities and dates for upcoming events. 
Happy Spring!

April 11th at 6pm