FHGS Daily Announcements

December has started out to be very cold. We do remind parents to bundle students for their travel to school including our bus riders. EEE - 5 students go out for recess most days and need warm clothes to be comfortable. We have also entered the school closing time of year. We do remind that when school is closed a message will be sent to all parents. You can also check the local TV channels and radio for closing information. 
Congratulations to the Grade 5 - 8 Chorus, Intermediate and Junior Bands on their recent performance. All students did a wonderful job sharing their musical skills and talents. The Grade 3 and 4 choral program will be performed January 21, along with the Jazz Band.
Winter activities are in full swing. Many students are involved in activities that complement their school day. Eligibility reports for grades 6, 7 and 8 will be out December 18
Our last school day for 2014 will be December 19, and it is a full day. We wish everyone a wonderful winter break with family and friends.

The Fair Haven Town Recreation Committee is in need of a new member. If interested, or you would like more information, contact the Town Manager.